Get involved

Want to get involved in Amnesty? Here are some ways to start:

  1. Join a local chapter, attend meetings and volunteer for actions or outreach.
    Amnesty ongoing issue campaigns in Oklahoma include death penalty abolition and ending violence against women. Outreach opportunities are tabling at events, including concerts by performers who support Amnesty’s mission.  Currently active chapters:

  2. Join Amnesty USA
    The national and regional offices are hubs where Amnesty research, organizing and development are centered, giving the local chapters and activists the tools they need to be informed and effective. The Amnesty USA and Amnesty International websites are full of research, reports, graphics and other resourced used by activists on the local level.
  3. Find a campaign or issue or country that interests you and become an expert.
    Do you have a passion for one issue or place? Then you can use Amnesty’s great research and yourself become a resource for other activists in your community. Report to your local chapter any updates related to your topic, give presentations to outside groups, start a blog — there are endless ways you can share your specialty and get other people involved in helping you make a real difference.